You know when..

someone’s been in your head for over a year.
you’ve liked them for about a year exactly.
you’ve essentially been dating this person ten months.
[with the exception of a nearly two month lapse in judgement neither of you like to speak of.]

that’s gotta mean something.

i think it means alot of things.

maybe he’s cute.
maybe he’s smart.
maybe he’s funny.
maybe he makes me you smile.
maybe he gives good hugs.
maybe he doesn’t take things too seriously.
[and balances you out.]
maybe he’s a good writer.
maybe he gives good surprises, all 1-10 of them.
maybe he makes you wanna give good surprises.
maybe he writes notes.
and maybe he writes notes and attaches ’em to mix tapes.
and maybe he’s a charmer.

but sometimes all that doesn’t matter.

cause you just love him, mistakes and all.

yeah, that’s what it is.

can’t help it.


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