For a person who talks alot…

I caint verbalize a thang.

But here are some memorable quotes from conversations in recent months…

Jewell: “I’ll hit her if we ever have the misfortune of meeting.”


Jewell: “Takes a real man to shave off his sideburns for the one he loves.”

After being sent this quote…

“By the time you swear you’re his, shivering and sighing, and he vows his passion is infinite, undying. Lady make a note of this: one of you is lying.”-Dorothy Parker

Jewell: “Ain’t that the gd truth. That woman deserves an emmy.”

Nathaniel: “I don’t know. You’re the idea guru. THINK O CREATIVE ONE.”

Hunter/Princess: “I love you morer!”

Jewell: “I understand. With that many men, it’s like the old lady in the shoe, cept she didn’t date them. She just neglected the snotty brats.”

Johnny: “A man in Stalinist Russia decided to join the party to further his career. The party asked him what he thought of their economic policy. I agree with the party’s policy. What do you think of the punishment policy? I agree with the party. What do you think of our foreign policy? I agree with the party. Do you have any opinions of your own? Yes, but I disagree with them.”

Justin: “You got a nice ass! Like a black girl!”-October 12th.

Bend It Like Beckham: “Meat and vegetalia.”

Justin: “Hey. Guess what. I love you.” [From a note slipped into my pocket after 5th period.]

Pulp Fiction: “I like the way you stink!”

Loren Lester: “A black man died and went to heaven. As soon as he discovered his wings he asked God, “God, am I an angel?” God responded, “No, nigga. You a bat.”

[Politically incorrect. But hilarious.]

Phil Bruley [Or however you spell his last name, addressing Katie Gossage and I.]: “Wanna make out?”

Random dude on Savannah’s river front: “Happy birthday to you darling and no more alligators.”

Cody Crunk: “I love you!”

classicrocker198: but the point i’m making(actually, im just trying to bring this back to the original topic, which was a “look, i love you a lot too!” response to your message that i decided to do on aim instead)
classicrocker198: is that you’ve no clue how happy you make me
classicrocker198: where as the immaturity realizations after holly were depressing
classicrocker198: this is happy
classicrocker198: and magnified ten times
classicrocker198: and the “want” to make you happy
classicrocker198: to buy you flowers
classicrocker198: to make you want me more
classicrocker198: to make you jealous, in a sense
classicrocker198: it’s all feelings everyone feels
classicrocker198: that i most certainly have felt before
classicrocker198: but on a totally different level
classicrocker198: tell me freshman year “dude, ,2 years, you’ll have this chick,  right? and not only will she challenge you as a person on many levels, but you’ll actually want her in different ways, ,and want to keep her for more than a few months”, and i would laugh
classicrocker198: because honestly,  no one can challenge me on any level, and honestly, keeping one girl and wanting her and respecting her on so many different levels and keeping her for more than a month is a ridiculous concept
classicrocker198: but dang. i was dumb haha

I’d say he wins.


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